The day of a RetailBuddy


 Welcome Buddy!

Great to have you onboard.

Let’s go trough the normal day for a merchandising Buddy in MediaMarkt stores.


Step 1.

The first thing you do when you enter a MediaMarkt store is to sign in at the information desk to get your visitor badge.

This step is really important not only due to MM regulations for fire security and such, but also for the follow up and keeping track of your hours in the store.

Step 2.

After signing in you will head off to the section of the store where you will start merchandising. Greet the staff in the section and present yourself and what you are planning to work on today and also what time frame you are working within.


Step 3.

You go in to the storage and look over the products on the RetailBuddy-shelf. This is a specific shelf in the storage for the products regarding RetailBuddy merchandising. This should be marked with RetailBuddy, otherwise ask the staff in the storage and they will show you the shelf.

Once you located the shelf, go trough the products and pick out the brands that your first task concludes. For ex. SBS-products. Pack these products so that you can easily carry them out to the section of the store.

Step 4.

The first thing you always need to do before starting is to take a before picture. To do this you need to stand straight in front of the section and take a photo so you can see the top and bottom, the left and right endings of the section.

If a brand has multiple sections, take all the before shots at the same time to ensure that you don’t forget to do it during the process. This means one section per photo and add multiple photos.

Important, these photos are the foundation to the Buddy salary.


Step 5.

After all the before photos are taken you are ready to start the merchandising! The first thing you do is to redo the section following the planogram. In this way you will get rid of all the double exposure and old products. The products that are not on the planogram or doesn’t fit in the planogram spot can you put on the floor.

The section will now be reseted to the "start point”.

Step 6.

Now it is time to hang up the delivery on the hooks. A good tip to make it easier is to first place the products on the floor divided in categories. For example regarding screen protectors you can see in the planogram that they are divided in phone brand (Samsung, Huawei, Apple, etc). Find more tips to be efficient here.

And after that start to hang up the products.


Step 7.

When all products that fit the planogram are on the shelf Buddy will take note on what hooks are empty and what products are missing.

After that the buddy will contact the Teamleader in the department to decide what products should hang on the empty spots on the shelf. After an agreement with the Teamleader the Buddy will either leave empty, hang up other products or most likely double expose products already on the shelf.


Step 8.

When the section is full of products it is time to check the price tags. If you already know where to find a scanner you can go and grab one now. Otherwise you will have to ask any MediaMarkt sales staff on your section and they will provide you with a scanner or show you where they are.

To change the price tags you need to first scan the barcode on the product and then the barcode on the right side of the price tag. More information on how to use the scanner here.

Some stores doesn’t have a scanner and our Buddy needs to use their smartphone to change prices. More information on how to use your smartphone here.

Remember to always correct the price tags on shelf products and products on floor level.


Step 9.

After the Buddy has gone trough all the price tags and there are some price tags that Buddy can’t change with the scanner. If the price tags are printed on paper as in the photo to the left. The Buddy have to inform the Teamleader about the price change and what price tags that needs to be changed.

Note: If the price tags has not been changed when Buddy shift comes to an end. Buddy will send an e-mail to Teamleader with store manager as cc.


Step 10.

When the section is full and all the price tags has been corrected. Buddy needs to take an after photo to complete the section. This photo together with the before photo is the foundation to the buddy salary.


Step 11.

When Buddy is done with the section it is important to clear the area completely. Pack down all the left over products in the boxes again and put them back on the RetailBuddy shelf in the storage before you move on to the next brand and section.


Final step.

When a Buddy has completed all sections for the shift. Buddy needs to inform the Teamleader on sight what has been done and what could not be done due to lack of scanner, time, etc. This information also needs to be send to Tove and Fredrik via e-mail ( &

The last thing Buddy does before leaving the store is to inform the MediaMarkt staff that Buddy is done with the shift and is heading home. To inform the staff about Buddy leaving the store and also give room for feedback and input from the MediaMarkt staff.